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Name:Madb's Muses
Location:United States of America
Website:Chaos Precip
Everyone (who RPs) has a voice or two or three or eleven that they don't really have a home for, or who they want to spread around a bit more than that home.

This is where mine hang out.

Fandom characters are played not-for-profit and belong to those people who created them.
OCs are also played not-for-profit but have no blame other than me.

Many of my characters are from

Agent Orange: A male of average height and weight, clothed in a wide-brimmed hat with a brilliant orange strip around the crown. He has a WWI era German peacoat, collar up, gloves, an olive green button-down shirt, and a charcoal grey turtleneck with a full-face covering mask which disappears into the neck of the shirt. Combat boots and a nightstick complete his ensemble. AO does not remove his costume willingly and further description will only be given if it is somehow removed forcibly from his face. This will involve violence.

Arebah Na: I am a 6'5” tall Katzu female of deep brown skin with goldenrod highlights; I believe this to be my best feature. My eyes are a chartreuse shade of green, almond shaped and tilted. My hair is black, coarse, and it's natural state is an afro; I wear it as cornrows which reach to my shoulders. My features are often described as “aristocratic” or “proud”. My nose is straight, with a high bridge. My skull is long, with a square jaw and high cheekbones. My mouth is full, and large; my husband called it “very kissable”. My eyebrows are relatively sparse, although each of the three sections is present. My ears come to an elegant point, fine and sharp. My features are within a pleasing range to true symmetry. I wear long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts in natural colours on a daily basis, with natural leather pants. My clothing is often well-mended. What colours I have are remnants of Before which have not yet worn out; I see no purpose in vanity as a fifty year old widow.

Priest: A small woman of oriental ancestry. Her hair is dark and pulled back in a braid. She wears severe black clothing and has the tattoo of a cross on her face.

Sannish: Tall even for his species, the old Katzu is nearly seven feet. In his youth he was built like a brick wall, at more than a hundred and ninety years old he's lost some of the weight and muscle tone. He still looks younger than his age, passing easily for 150. His iron-grey hair is braided in five braids that reach to his ankles, bound with strips of the same silk he uses for clothing. Colour blind, Sannish dresses in what he considers pleasing combinations which mostly end up eye-burning; his favourite coat is a chartreuse that matches exactly the vibrant colour of his eyes, and he pairs it with mauve trews and trim. A white-jade earring dangles from his right ear, nearly to his shoulder. The lines in his face are cut by laughter and good humour, but the set of his features falls easily into the reality that when he was a young man his people proved their adulthood by taking down dangerous predators with their bare hands. A sinfully wicked smile and an honest appreciation for the female form make up his usual expression.

TJ Wagner: A blue, fuzzy woman of average height she has three fingers and three toes, all of which are opposable. Yellow eyes without pupil or white sit in a laughing face. She has pointed ears and in canon a retractable tail. The Chaos Precip version does not have a tail.

Xaldin: Seven foot tall and wide as a house, Xaldin has pale skin, nearly purple eyes, and pointed ears that fold out at the tip. He wears a black hooded coat which covers him to the ground, over boots and gloves. He has truly magnificent side-burns. In Chaos Precip he is half-Katzu.

Danenein Scholar: is an original character. In her words: "I am a moderately tall Olia woman somewhere between 'plain' and 'average', tending more towards the plain than the average if one is being honest. Brown hair with a hint of red in it, skin that shade of pale that said "given my druthers I'd be inside, but my lot is burning and peeling and doing it all over again", brown eyes behind glasses I have had made with diamond lenses, and a body that defines "inconspicuous". I am average weight for my height, with relatively even features. My lower lip is full, the upper thin; giving my mouth an off-balance look that suits me. My nose is, without argument, large. Well shaped, yes, but in scale it is more suited to Katzu than my own Olia frame."

Minamimoto Sho: A crazy looking skinny teenager of about six feet tall with one black arm, tiny fangs, and gold eyes. He never has a shirt on.

Lou: There are limits to what plastic surgery and reconstruction can do for someone. Lou is at those limits, and past them by a bit. The shin of burn-scars and the raised whiteness of what appear to be some form of shrapnel have turned Lou's face into a parody of humanity. One eye is perpetually half-lidded, the other hidden behind a high-tech eyepiece. Lou's lips are thin, made thinner by their habitual clenching around a cigarette. All hints of gender are obscured, first by the wreck of a face and then by the baggy clothing (a too-large tan trenchcoat over a fisherman's sweater in a dull brown, cargo pants and combat boots). Lou wears black leather gloves of a fine make, with the last knuckle of each finger clipped off. Even the fingers show signs of scarring. Lou speaks in a growl that has more to do with damaged vocal cords than with personality.

The Kid: Rather short for his age (he's probably somewhere between 17 and 21), with pure white hair. He's solid rather than slender, with the body of a person who does heavy labour all day. He's got the thousand-yard stare of someone who has been through hell.

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