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The room is never quite dark. Neon oozes from around the shades, flickering harshly as the bar across the street seeks more patrons. It's comforting, in it's way, because it means that there is life outside. In or out, there should be life somewhere.

When Lou is trying to sleep there's a blanket tossed over the window, blocking out the flicker but even then there is light. Light from monitors and towers, from slowly blinking machines chugging through whatever arcane things that the hacker has asked them to do.

Every surface in the apartment is covered in machines, except for the floor. There is no bed, merely a hammock with enough blankets to make it comfortable at a height easy to get in and out of. Nothing is high enough that someone of Lou's height would have to reach for it, nothing low enough that bending is necessary. Lou doesn't like the accommodations that needed to be made, but life is life. Shrapnel that tore through muscle and bone made it impossible to just be.

Lou had never appreciated the miracle that is the human back, before. Over the six years since the explosion that had torn life and love away the skinny hacker had learned that every motion required the back to move. Everything. Every single thing and it all hurt.

Nights were the worst. Nights after the Net had slowed down, when the creeping fatigue of life caused Lou to have to sign off and curl up in the hammock waiting for sleep to, please God, put aside pain for a while.

It was the time between awake enough to work and asleep that had memories come back in fragments like broken glass slamming into flesh. Joseph looking up with a smile, then the sound. Erik's hand as it flew past, unattached from the body. It would almost be easier if it was the whole memory, but it wasn't. It was memories of good times followed by one painfully sharp image of destruction after another.

It hurt. It would always hurt. They said it was a miracle that Lou had survived, survived the blast, survived the impact with the window, survived the fall, survived at all. Most of the time Lou didn't agree with them. Lost love, lost life, lost face...most of the people on Lou's street didn't even know what gender the hacker was, and it was the way Lou liked it.

Sometimes the thought of suicide intruded...often the thought of suicide intruded. Lou didn't go there because there were still living relatives. Lou's father would be devastated if he lost his only child, and so Lou lived.

But in the dark of night it was not easy.
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What is this Chaos Precip and is it accepting new players?
Chaos Precip started out as a mashup of Parasite Eve and Kingdom Hearts meets the wild west, and got steadily more complex for a year or so, then was opened up. It's a mostly-original world at this point, but accepts alternate universe fandom characters with open arms...and we're always looking for new players.

Why don't you play with me?
It's probably your setting. I left 'that bar' and have no interest in revisiting the setting, so I don't tag those posts. Chances are if you're in The Woods or the coffee bar or pretty much anything that isn't that setting, I'll tag. Or you could always tag me.

Madb? Mad-B? Madub?
May-ve rhymes with gave.

What's with Agent Orange, anyway?
The simplest explanation is that he's legitimately paranoid. The more complex explanation is that he's legitimately paranoid and from a world where super-powers are as common as people with hair and he's not one of 'em. The powered types, not the hair. I assure you, there is hair. His "deal" is that actions have consequences and he doesn't approve of people who wander around doing major battles and the like without paying attention to those consequences. His heroing is tailored to minimize collateral damage.

What about Danenein?
Danenein Scholar is my "everyman" character. Need a name for Dragon Age? Danenein. Need an NPC for something? Danenein. Placeholder name for an OC? Danenein. Generally I play her as Olia because I put a lot of effort into Olia and Katzu backgrounds, but she's not from any given world and may show up from anywhere, anywhen, and as anything humanoid.

And Lou?
Lou is an old, old character of mine. She's complex (and, yes, Lou is short for Louise) and broken, bitter and sad. She's got an allergy to magic, if I didn't want to play a scarred up woman I wouldn't have made her so. Lou isn't a bad sort, but she's got a hard time letting people close.

Why do your OCs have longer descriptions than your fandom characters?
Because generally you can find descriptions or google fandom characters, but mine exist pretty much only in my head. I know the words I want to describe my people and find myself awkward monkey about trying to describe someone else's people.

I heard you're...
I'm not who I used to be, and I was never what I was painted as. Life is growth.

I want to contact you.
Go for it. My AIM is twintailmadb, my e-mail it TwinTailKitsune at gmail.

Why are all of your characters 'depressing'?
You know, that's a matter of perspective. Personally my "thing" for RP is to make broken people whole. I don't play heroes, I don't play villains, I play broken people who may fit those roles and I make them less broken. It makes me happy. I don't see my characters in terms of their problems, except as something to build them up from. Sho is a megalomaniac sociopath, but he's learning to be functional in society. Lou is a shattered mess of a hacker, but she's also funny and heroic. And so on. I know that as I play characters they will become less damaged, not more, and that's what I enjoy.


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